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Increased investment in ICT infrastructure likely in Cuba but
connectivity problems and control over internet to remain
Diego Moya-Ocampos – IHS Jane’s Intelligence Weekly
06 June 2017

Key Points
– The Cuban government is increasingly viewing new information and
communication technology as a possible sector for foreign direct
investment, rather than necessarily a threat over its information monopoly.
– Despite the Cuban government likely to continue controlling,
restricting, and surveilling access to the Internet, Vice-President
Miguel Diaz-Canel has been signalling greater willingness to allow
Cubans more access to the internet and support buildout in software
development and IT infrastructure.
– The problem of low connectivity in Cuba is likely to continue
depending on US-Cuba relations, with the US Embargo remaining a
constraint for development and over efforts of the security apparatus to
control citizen’s access to internet content. Nevertheless, investment
in software, information platforms, and communications solutions is
likely increase in the one-year outlook.

Increased investment in new information and communication technology
infrastructure is likely facilitating business operations in Cuba and
encouraging easier domestic policies on internet usage but restrictions
to ordinary Cubans on internet access to remain.

The Cuban government plans to extend internet access to 50% of Cuban
homes by 2020, while the active promotion of foreign investment software
development is generating short-term investment opportunities. Recent
pilot projects have started providing 3G mobile access in important
areas, indicating opportunities in the tourism sector, with independent
software entrepreneurs offering services to tourists.

These developments suggest that the Cuban government is becoming more
flexible in terms of giving away control over its information monopoly.
The Cuban government currently still controls, restricts, and surveils
access to the internet. Cuba has restrictive and slow internet
connectivity but its vice-president Miguel Diaz-Canel has signalled more
willingness to allow Cubans improved internet access.

Source: Increased investment in ICT infrastructure likely in Cuba but
connectivity problems and control over internet to remain | Jane’s 360 –

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