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Average Wages Rise but Nobody in Cuba Lives on Their Salary

14ymedio, Mario Penton and Luz Escobar, Miami and Havana, 14 July 2017 —
Ileana Sánchez is anxiously rummaging through her tattered wallet,
looking for some bills to buy a… Continue reading

Average Monthly Salary in Cuba is $29.60 US

EFE, via 14ymedio, Havana, 30 June 2017 – The average monthly salary in
Cuba in 260 was 740 Cuban pesos (CUP), the equivalent of $29.60 in US
dollars, although the figure is… Continue reading

The true face of GAESA in Havana’s Historic Quarter
ROLANDO MARTÍNEZ | La Habana | 22 de Junio de 2017 – 11:27 CEST.

“What has the change from Habaguanex to GAESA been like?”



“Because the military management is… Continue reading

Trump’s Cuba policy tries to redefine ‘good’ U.S. tourism. That includes
putting them back on tour buses.
By Nick Miroff June 17 at 2:43 PM

The American traveler in Cuba — sweating, disoriented and probably a bit
woozy from the… Continue reading

South Florida companies hoping to preserve Cuba gains await new Trump rules
Arlene Satchell
Sun Sentinel

When U.S.-based airlines and cruise lines flew or sailed through former
President Barack Obama’s historic opening to Cuba, few expected that the
door might… Continue reading

The Cuban Government, Complicit in Corruption and Peddling Favours /
Iván García

Iván García, 26 MAY 2017 — Ideology is no longer the most important
consideration if you want to get an administrative position in Cuba’s
chaotic business and commercial… Continue reading

Crawford advances excise tax bill to help restart Cuba exports
Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford’s effort to restart trade with Cuba draws
criticism from U.S.-Cuba experts.
Forrest Laws | Jun 05, 2017

In a perfect world, the U.S. Congress and the… Continue reading

Senators introduce The Freedom to Export to Cuba Act of 2017
The legislation repeals the Cuban trade embargo.
Jun 06, 2017

A bipartisan coalition of senators have introduced legislation, The
Freedom to Export to Cuba Act of 2017, to eliminate… Continue reading

Cuba Loses More Than Half of the Food Harvested, Reports a Spanish NGO

14ymedio, Havana, 23 May 2017 — Agriculture in Cuba is among the lowest
performing in Latin America according to an evaluation published by the
non-governmental organization Mundubat,… Continue reading

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