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The Future Is Built With Cement … But There Isn’t Any

14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 26 May 2017 — The cranes show off
their slender anatomy in some areas of Havana where several luxury
hotels are being built. Apart from… Continue reading

What would happen in Cuba if Maduro fell?
ROBERTO ÁLVAREZ QUIÑONES | Los Ángeles | 1 de Mayo de 2017 – 09:38 CEST.

There are probably not many Cubans who are aware of the economic and
social tsunami that the… Continue reading

Sherritt’s nickel-price boost capped by debt, ‘confusing’ U.S. signals
on Cuba
Sunny Freeman | February 6, 2017 4:41 PM ET

David Pathe knows what it’s like to be banned from the United States.

The chief executive of Toronto-based Sherritt International… Continue reading

Cuba’s next chapter? Not so fast
Politics and Cuba’s own challenges make the island a distant prospect
for tree fruit growers.
Casey Corr // Jan 11, 2017

Cuba has an outsized presence in American culture.

The reminders begin when you… Continue reading

Cuba sees economy shrink 1 percent despite detente with US
Associated Press December 28, 2016

HAVANA (AP) — Cuba announced Tuesday that its economy shrank this year
for the first time in nearly a quarter century as a… Continue reading

Cuban President Raul Castro faces deep problems in 2017
Castro must manage economic and diplomatic challenges during a year of
Published: 16:15 December 26, 2016

Havana: Alex Romero was delighted when President Barack Obama came to
Havana in… Continue reading

What Castro’s death and Trump’s election mean for Cuba’s economic awakening
Brian Gendreau, University of Florida Published 5:21 am, Wednesday,
December 14, 2016

Before his death on Nov. 25 at the age of 90, Fidel Castro had made no
secret… Continue reading

Andres Oppenheimer: Prospects for Cuba don’t look good

Now that Fidel Castro is gone and the leaders of Canada, Mexico and
other countries have made fools of themselves by praising the alleged
accomplishments of a dictator who destroyed his country’s… Continue reading

In rural Cuba, economy stuck in time after Castro

Alongside free education and healthcare, the Cuban revolution also
brought anemic development and a one-party state, which controls 80
percent of the economy and fears losing its grip on the market… Continue reading

The Cuba Test: China Eyes New Model for Latin America Relations
China’s emphasis on “knowledge cooperation” could lead to a reframing of
its approach to both Cuba and Latin America.
By Ricardo Barrios
November 11, 2016

Premier Minister Li Keqiang’s… Continue reading

Building Socialism in Cuba
As pressure for economic liberalization grows, what would it take to
turn Cuba into a socialist democracy?
by Samuel Farber

In July 2016, thanks to a 20 percent reduction in oil shipments from
Venezuela, Cuba’s economy… Continue reading

A new sponsor for Castro?
ROBERTO ÁLVAREZ QUIÑONES | Los Ángeles | 3 de Octubre de 2016 – 09:51 CEST.

The Castro regime is immersed in an intense propaganda and diplomatic
offensive preparing its usual draft resolution in the UN… Continue reading

Austerity Measures In Cuba Spark Fears Of A Return To Dark Economic Times
September 28, 20164:00 PM ET
Heard on All Things Considered

Cubans are bracing for a tough end of the year, after what has already
been… Continue reading

David Jessop | Cuba: A Momentary Darkness
Published:Sunday | August 7, 2016 | 12:00 AM

As has been widely reported, Cuba has entered a new period of austerity.

On July 8, President Castro told the Cuban National Assembly that… Continue reading

Military and family remittances, a well-kept secret
OSMAR LAFFITA ROJAS | La Habana | 28 de Julio de 2016 – 21:21 CEST.

On July 8, the then Minister of Economy and Planning Marino Murillo
Jorge reported in the National Assembly… Continue reading

The Cuban economy goes into a tailspin
DIMAS CASTELLANOS | La Habana | 27 de Julio de 2016 – 20:54 CEST.

On 29 December, 2015 the Cuban president announced before the National
Assembly of the People’s Power that “despite the… Continue reading

Cuba: Where is the Money? / Iván García

Iván García, 18 July 2016 — Two retirees, a strolling detergent vendor
and a vacationing doctor, kill time in a park in south Havana, debating
the surprising Portuguese victory of Cristiano Ronaldo… Continue reading

Sherritt Announces Successful Start-Up of New Moa Joint Venture Acid Plant
July 19, 2016
TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – July 19, 2016) –

Sherritt International Corporation (“Sherritt” or the “Corporation”)
(TSX:S.TO) announced today that the third acid plant at the Moa Joint… Continue reading

Economic hardships in Cuba spark rumors of a new “Special Period”

Without Venezuelan aid, Cuba’s economy grew only 1 percent and could get
worse in 2017 as the government confirms power blackouts and suspension
of debt payments.
NORA GÁMEZ TORRES… Continue reading

by Stephen Kaye
Sat Jul 16th, 2016

While cruse ships are about to start an invasion of day-trippers into
Havana, the US Congress nevertheless maintains its expression of
legislative animosity towards the island’s government that… Continue reading

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